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Nice, clean, easy to use application! I travel a lot, for me it contains interesting and valuable information, 5 stars!

Super! I advise everyone to download! The program is cool and easy to use ­čÖé

┼Üwietny pomys┼é i wykonanie, bardzo praktyczna apka dla mi┼éo┼Ťnik├│w historii

Very well prepared the application and recommend to lovers of historical monuments architecture.

Excellent and clear applications. I encourage all who are looking for places to go!

Very successful applications. I recommend.

Many castles are not so easy to find! A cool program! Thank you.

It is clear that the list is not full but even that is already there – is much more than the average traveller knows. Thank you for a very interesting project. I wish you success and further development!

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TOP-33 castles with ghosts

TOP-33 castles with ghosts

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The largest castle in the world

The largest castle in the world

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