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Bojnice Castle and the legend of the black lady

Bojnice Castle and the legend of the black lady

Bojnice Castle is the most famous castle in Slovakia. It is located in Bojnice, a city 167 km northeast of Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. Bojnice Castle is mentioned for the first time in the 12th century and since then it was owned by Matthias Corvinus, the...

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TOP-33 castles with ghosts

TOP-33 castles with ghosts

Do you believe in ghosts? Not yet? After reading this blog I'm sure some of us start thinking about these 33 places with ghosts. To visit any of them or get more details about these castles - just download our MobiCastle Apps (for Android or IOS). So let's take a look...

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The largest castle in the world

The largest castle in the world

   Have you ever dreamed about visiting the largest castle in the world? That's your chance! And if you're a Polish that's pretty easy to do because the largest castle in the world is located in Poland. Just take an app Castles of Poland and go!    Malbork Castle is...

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